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Can I contact support 24x7?

Yes you can. There are a few ways of getting in touch with us. The fastest way to get a response to a support question/issue will be the support ticket system built into the client hosting control panel. Its the icon that looks like the person on the top of the client toolbar:

Support System Icon

You can also email a request directly to the support desk -- but please note -- this email address is not monitored as closely as the ticket system.

Finally, please note that all support request will always be dealt with in priority sequence. It may not be the priority you think it should be, but honestly, everyone thinks their issue is the most important, don't they. We have to deal with this impartially, and address everyone's concerns - but we assure you, they will all be addressed.

Why don't you offer an 'unlimited' plan like other Hosting Co's?

We decided long ago that people were smarter than that. Everything has limits. You're going to get limited by the size of the server you're on, or the bandwidth available to the server, or the size of the disks installed... somewhere along the line, the concept of "unlimited" just falls apart. So, after consulting with our lawyers, we decided to increase the number of plans we make available, and price them according to the server resources being provided.

After all, why should you pay the same as a site using 10 times the disk, and 20 times the bandwidth?

How do I make payments?

About a week before your current billing period comes due, our billing system will send you a billing notification email. That email details the upcoming charges for the next billing period. It also details the two preferred methods of forwarding payments to us - by Credit Card or by Cheque.

Please remember that payment is due by the start of your next billing period. Failure to provide payment will result in your site being made unavailable.

I made my payment by Credit Card, so why does the Billing Status still shows an outstanding Balance?

If you have a transaction receipt, then we do as well. The reason your payment hasn't been recognized is that you missed clicking on the button on the Credit Card Transaction Completion Page that says "Click here to complete payment:".

transaction completed

Clicking this button sends an electronic summary (but not your Credit Card number - we never see it) to our billing system to show the transaction has completed. If you don't click, then it needs to be manually updated some time support has nothing better to do. Not to worry, your account wont be discontinued without confirming that there isn't a completed transaction waiting to be entered.

My Domain isn't resolving! What's wrong?

It could be a couple of things.

First - if you've JUST repointed your domain to our servers, you need to give it some time. DNS update propagation can take up to 72 hours to update all the end points of the domain hierarchy.

Second - Make sure you're using the right name servers. Nexus maintains multiple DNS servers on separate subnets (as required under RFC 882 and RFC 883) for proper domain resolution. Your primary DNS server will be the host you are on. Your secondary will always be the backup secondary nameserver for Nexus. This is automatically configured for you when your site is added, and identified to you in your welcome email.

If you have misplaced your welcome email, the following name servers can be used as a starting point:

If you have a Linux Shared Hosting Site:


If you have a Windows Shared Hosting Site


Dedicated and Virtual Server Customers


Do you have a referral program?

Yes, we do.

We believe we provide a quality service, and hope you do as well. As our thank you for those of you who have passed on your experiences to others, we introduced the "Refer-A-Friend" program in 2004.

Under this program, shared hosting customers are entitled to a 10% discount for every active hosting client they refer to us, up to the total of their base hosting cost. This program does not provide discounts for any account additions, and is not applicable to Dedicated Server customers at this time.

This program may be modified or discontinued with a least 30 days notice.

Nexus is Moving to a new Domain Registrar...

As we identified to our clients in March 2012, we have partnered with a new Domain Registrar to provide a new expanded set of capabilities for our customers. Taking advantage of this requires that you migrate your domains to the new registrar on their next renewal. This support doc explains the process to you in detail
Registrar Transfer Process

Elimination of the Canadian Penny

Canadian Penny is being discontinuedThe Royal Canadian Mint stopped distributing the penny on February 4, 2013. Pennies in circulation will keep their value and can still be used for cash payments but will be phased out. You will soon see retailers rounding cash transactions to the nearest $0.05, based on their publicly available policy.

As Nexus' clients pay by cheque or other electronic means, you won't be affected, and your payments will still be settled to the cent.

For more information, please visit the Royal Canadian Mint website, or your bank.

What about...

If you have other questions, feel free to contact support. We're here to help.

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