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Hosted Microsoft® SharePoint 2010

The flexibility, feature set, and ease-of-use offered by Microsoft® SharePoint make it the premier choice when it comes to document management and collaboration needs.

With the amount of documentation modern businesses produce, from contracts to reports to customer communications, having a secure, centralized file repository is a necessity. SharePoint provides that central location, provides the support you need to keep those documents searchable, synchronized, and available on the go - from wherever you have an internet connection. You rely on having your documents available to you. Having a document repository that you can rely on that is secured against fire, theft, and other natual and man-made disasters just makes sense.

Benefits of Hosted SharePoint

Document Management

Advanced document sharing allows multiple users to view and collaborate on files with versioning and permission features. With SharePoint access controls, users only view the files they need. Seamless integration with Microsoft Office makes the SharePoint experience more productive.

Enhanced Collaboration

Keep all your documents in one place, in an easy to access, searchable repository. SharePoint allows multiple users to access the same document at the same time, increasing your productivity. Open files directly from Sharepoint into Microsoft Office, update the document, and then republish - its just as easy as having it on your local disk - but more secure.

Workflow Support

With SharePoint, you can manage and share projects, schedules, tasks, and documents, eliminating the need for multiple applications for each. Full-text document searching makes locating and retrieving information fast and easy. Effective project management is simple with SharePoint.

BONUS All Hosted Email subscribers receive a free 250MB Microsoft® SharePoint site. Use it to explore the collaborative options that the SharePoint platf orm provides, and then add more space when you're ready to use it to its full potential. See our Hosted Exchange Email information page for more on what Hosted Exchange can do for you.

Hosted Sharepoint 2010

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Additional SharePoint Space

Once you begin to use SharePoint, and see the flexibility, and collaborative benefits, you'll want to use it more and more. Add additional 1,000MB blocks of space to your SharePoint site to maximize it's storage potential, add new workflows, or anything you can think of.
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