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Linux Shared Hosting FAQs

Why dont you offer an 'unlimited' plan like other Hosting Co's?

We decided long ago that people were smarter than that. Everything has limits. You're going to get limited by the size of the server you're on, or the bandwidth available to the server, or the size of the disks installed... somewhere along the line, the concept of "unlimited" just falls apart. So, after consulting with our lawyers, we decided to increase the number of plans we make available, and price them according to the server resources being provided.

After all, why should you pay the same as a site using 10 times the disk, and 20 times the bandwidth?

How many domains does a shared hosting plan cover?

There is no real answer to this question. The control panel lets you assign as many domains as you please against your hosting account. You're buying the server resources from us - the CPU time, the space and the bandwidth - its yours to use as you wish (as long as it remains consistent with our hosting terms and conditions)

Realistically, the number will be limited to the size of the domains you want to hold within your account, and the amount of bandwidth they consume.

How many email addresses can I have on my shared hosting plan?

You can have as many as you want... but realistically, do you want to have to pull mail from hundreds of accounts? Unlikely. If you do want to have multiple addresses, we would recommend having a single POP3 account, and then adding a series of forwarding email addresses that direct everything they receive into the master. Its much easier to deal with.

Easier yet - create a "Catch All" email address, and everything that gets sent to your domain will be directed to it. Again, it provides one-stop pickup for you.

Note: this also applies to sub domains and domains that are attached to your shared hosting account.

What if I go over my bandwidth allowance? / Can I add additional Bandwidth to my allowance?

Hey - that's great - it must mean your site is really doing well. The good news is that from an operability view, your site will continue to be online and available no matter how much bandwidth you start to consume - however, if Support notices that you're starting to cause performance issues on the server you're on and affecting other clients - expect action to be taken to remove the effects.

Bandwidth itself is a soft-limit in the system, and any excess usage will be billed back to you at the start of the next month.

The downside to this is that excess bandwidth will cost you more than buying bandwidth in advance.

However, if this is going to be a one-time thing perhaps try and talk us into why it should be waived. We like to think that we're reasonable people (the first time at least.)

Current Bandwidth Pricing:

Shared Hosting Accounts - Advanced$0.45/GB
Shared Hosting Accounts - Excess$0.60/GB

Can I buy more disk space on a shared hosting account?

Yes - disk space is a soft-limit on the shared hosting accounts. Should you exceed your allocation, you will be notified of the overage. If you have not corrected the overage by your billing date, you will be charged for using the space at the "Excess Space" billing rate. If you want to avoid the excess bills, its cheaper to pre-purchase disk space in advance.

Current Disk space Pricing:

Shared Hosting Accounts - Advanced$0.05/MB
Shared Hosting Accounts - Advanced$10.00/250MB
Shared Hosting Accounts - Excess $0.08/MB

Excess pricing is considerably more expensive - and thats because you're likely impacting the ability of other clients to do what they want. So be considerate to others. If you're going to need more disk space, add it to your account ahead of time, or get a larger plan.

There is one potential downside to upscaling your plan. Nexus will never intentionally overallocate disk space on any server - we dont think it's right to cram as many clients as possible onto a server. To that effect, if your requirement for additional disk space will exceed the available space on the current host you are on, your site will need to move. Your site will be offline during the move and may experience DNS resolution issues for up to 72 hours afterwards while the change propagates outward.

Can you show me how to use the Web Based Control Panel?

The user documentation for the control panel can be found here : ispCP Control Panel User Guide. This is user supported software, and as such the user documentation is incomplete in some areas. Please contact support if you are having a specific problem not covered by the published documentation.

Please note that not all features identified in the user documentation may be made available to you, and that the documentation may identify features which are not available on the version of the control panel your server is using. When in doubt, please feel free to contact support.

My Shared Hosting Domain isn't resolving! Whats wrong?

It could be a couple of things.

First - if you've JUST repointed your domain to our servers, you need to give it some time. DNS update propagation can take up to 72 hours to update all the end points of the domain heirarchy.

Second - Make sure you're using the right name servers. Nexus maintains multiple DNS servers on separate subnets (as required under RFC 882 and RFC 883) for proper domain resolution. Your primary DNS server will be the host you are on. Your secondary will always be the backup secondary nameserver for Nexus. This is automatically configured for you when your site is added, and identified to you in your welcome email.

If you have misplaced your welcome email, the following name servers can be used as a starting point:

If you have a Linux Shared Hosting Site:


I've forgotten my password to AWStats...

You can reset your password to AWStats from your Control Panel.

Go to the WebTools section of your Web Control Panel, and the left menu will show an option called "Group/User Management" - click on that. AWStats is in a pre-defined Group called "Statistics" and your login is added to this group by default. Click the "Edit" action on your User, and you'll be prompted for a new password. Enter it twice to confirm you know the password you want, and click Modify. The system will tell you that it's completed the operation.

You can then access your site statistics by clicking "Web Statistics" in the left panel, or going to http://www.yourdomain.com/stats/ directly in your browser (obviously you'll need to use your own domain name).

What about...

If you have other questions, feel free to contact support. We're here to help.

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